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Demystifying Career Networking Dinners

If you have not been able to attend any of the Information Sessions on the Career Networking Dinner opportunities during this winter break, please let me provide you with a student’s take on these experiences:

As a sophomore, I attended a dinner with an alum located in Washington, D.C. It was nerve-wracking to think about what would be discussed during the evening. My best advice would be to just bite the bullet (pun intended). Think of the experience as a chance to personally grow while getting to know another Gettysburgian.

The real purpose of these dinners is to get to connect and learn about this alum, other guests and students that are in attendance. You already know that you have one aspect in common, Gettysburg. Since my dinner, I have remained in contact with the alum and his personal friend that was in attendance. I have remained in contact with him and feel that he has become almost a mentor to me.

If you are placed in a Job Shadowing or Networking Dinner that was not your first choice or are uncertain what you want to do in life. It does not matter. The point of these experiences is to connect and develop your skills as a careerist, student and mostly as an individual. Each and every student on this campus will be in a situation where networking will be necessary. Why not take advantage of the plethora of resources that our campus, specifically the Center for Career Development has to offer…

Taylor Larsen ’14
Political Science Major
Art History Minor

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