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Supplementing Academics: Learning outside the classroom

First off, Academics are VERY important and should take a great deal of your focus and time at Gettysburg. However, you may also want to explore opportunities outside the classroom, as those experiences can be extremely valuable in helping to shape you as a person and prepare you for your future.  Through those opportunities you can learn about your interests, abilities, and skills as they relate to the professional world. They can be influential in how you’d like to use your studies and how you want to make a difference in this world.

Don’t wait!  Make the most of each year at Gettysburg.  You don’t have to be involved in a million activities – find your ideal balance and find something you really enjoy.  Explore, have fun, find out who you are, what you’re good at (or not), and what you like (or don’t).  There are ample opportunities on Gettysburg’s campus, so start exploring!

Experiential Learning:  Learning through experience is incredibly valuable – learn something completely new or use/enhance what you’ve learned in the classroom. Investigate your career interests, gain accurate knowledge of the workplace, and learn relevant skills by participating in job shadowing, externships, internships, immersion trips, student employment, and more through the Center for Career Development.  Additionally, check out the amazing programs and trips offered through the Office of Experiential Education, Center for Public Service, and Eisenhower Institute.

Leadership:  Did you know that there are more than 1,000 leadership opportunities every year at Gettysburg?  Starting a new student organization, serving on the executive board of a club/organization, coordinating volunteers, planning campus programs, and serving on a campus committee are a few examples.  A leader doesn’t have to be someone in a formal leadership position, though. Check out the Garthwait Leadership Center, which is an excellent resource to help you start building and enhancing your leadership skills.

Athletics:  NCAA includes 11 men’s and 11 women’s sports – whether you are team member or a fan, show your Gettysburg pride!  Campus Recreation also offers 8 club sports, or you can get a group of your friends together to form a team or simply join one in existence for any of the intramural sports, tournaments, or special events.

Clubs & Organizations:  Over 120 – that’s right! Chances are, no matter your interest, you can find an organization in which to get involved and meet other students.  If you don’t, talk to the Office of Student Activities about how to start one.
Research with faculty, community service/volunteering, student employment, and so much more!

FUN FACT:  Did you know that you can print your Participation & Recognition Report in the Student Center, which includes your involvement in many of the above activities, as well as honors you’ve received during college.  It is a great resource to have as you move beyond Gettysburg – you may not always remember everything you were involved in!

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