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My Experience at KIND- Emma Haskell ’19

kind1Day 1
   My first day at Kind. In my attempts to look like a real New Yorker as I rode the subway with my coffee in hand, I tried hard not to look at the directions I had been given. I arrived early to be greeted by my mentor, Victoria, with a kind and warming smile. The day started off with a tour in which we saw all the departments of the KIND company.

I loved how all the departments from legal work to flavor development were under the same roof which only augmented the strong sense of community amidst all the employees. My first meeting with my mentor showed me that is totally normal that at my current age and year at Gettysburg I do not need to to know exactly where my life is going to take me right at this second. Talking to Victoria showed me that through her years at Gettysburg she gained a lot of knowledge and experience, she did not know that those skills would lead her to where she is today. As I began to get settled in at my desk, I soon began to read what the KIND brand is and what it stands for. I became fascinated with the simplicity of the name, and its grassroots startup. Something that stood out to me was the fact that this company is not solely about profit. When you think about many national companies within the private sector, you assume that their primary efforts are driven only in attempts to make money. However, KIND’s efforts also include spreading kindness through smaller efforts because even the smallest of acts can make a huge difference. As Raven and I sat with Victoria, we learned about the effort it takes to spread specific strategies through different media platforms that are ubiquitous across many ages. It’s fascinating to think about how companies can pinpoint a particular age or gender with a product based on consumer trends which explain why I often find myself browsing specific websites that appear as ads on my laptop. After, we sat on in a meeting where I was able to see first-hand the debate and conversation that goes into new marketing pitches where we even were able to voice our opinions as well. Lastly, we finished off the day with two smaller meetings with other workers within the digital marketing sphere of the KIND Company that were able to provide further insight into the different ways that the media and various social media platforms can be strategically used to increase consumers. All in all my first day went extremely well, and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

kind2Day 2 – Today started off a little easier as I was sure what subway station I was to get off at with no hesitation whatsoever. First, after we settled into our desks, we packaged care packages for customers of KIND where we learned how to make labels and send out packages through ground shipping. We then went to a meeting where we able to explore the KIND movement further which aims at making the world kinder one small act at a time. It was nice to learn about this side of the KIND Company that is more focused on the non-profit sector of the business world. Whether it is spreading kindness through #kindawesome cards or having employees of KIND partake in community services projects, all of these ventures have the goal of spreading kindness to make the world a better place. We then were assigned a project in which we paired off a list of KIND ambassadors for a new segment that is going to appear on the KIND website. We had to go through each ambassador’s social media platform to really understand these people as individuals based on their interests. We then sat in on a meeting where we saw first-hand the thought process that goes behind not only dealing with a marketing failure but the brainstorming among marketing strategists to solve and fix the dilemma. We then went to another conference in which we learned about how a company competes for sales on the online market that was lead by members of the e-commerce team. Little did I know that a website can track who, what, when, and what people are clicking on at any moment. It is the company’s job to make their products readily available for consumer demands and make sure it can compete in the competitive market today. With major companies like Amazon, it is the company’s job to make sure that their products can not only sell on their own website but have popularity elsewhere. Our last session involved learning about the immense efforts that it takes into creating and pitching a new product. These bars don’t just magically appear on the shelves of your local market but rather take enormous efforts on the parts of many departments before they can be shipped nationwide. Things I never thought about like label design, the shape of the box, or where the expiration label will have to go are all meticulously thought through during the creation of the product. Another day down and can’t wait to see what my final day brings!

kind4Day  3 – Sad as this is my last day in the office as I was just starting to like my daily morning routine to work. We started off with a quick brainstorming session of specific ideas to increase the popularity and involvement of the brand ambassadors. Things like a traveling bus or big party were just a few of the ideas that we jotted down. We also explored potential items that the company could give to the ambassadors to further advocate for the brand itself. However, it was critical that the items were hip and upcoming items of today to make the brand more innovative within the media world. Then we met with another member of the e-commerce department that was able to tell us more about the research data that can be collected from a company’s website activity. This meeting was followed up with a smaller meeting with a member of the communications department. She gave us a unique insider’s look at how media attention is spread throughout the country to the local media stations. It was interesting to see the daily incoming sheet that shows where KIND was mentioned in the media, both for the good or potentially bad, and also what its competitors are currently doing. It is fascinating to think about the thought processes that goes into the building of a company’s website from consumer patterns. kind3Then we watched a presentation on influential marketing which is something I never thought about before. Lastly, we met with a media analyst that took a more analytic approach to digital marketing. Again this idea that specific age groups are targeted with specific products to meet consumer demands of the “KIND” client is simply fascinating to think about. The data that can be collected on consumer market trends is immense which can not only help them spread their products to places with high demand for their goods, but the data can show them where they are not so popular and thus should start to advertise there more. Overall my experience at KIND was an amazing experience where I was truly able to not only learn a wealth of knowledge about marketing but had a real taste of life in the business world.