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Liza Goss ’18 – Zapwater Communications (IL)

Zapwater Communications is a public relations agency located in Chicago and Los Angeles. The president and founder of Zapwater Communications, David Zapata, is a Gettysburg College alumnus. Zapwater’s services include media relations, digital and social content, event management, influencer relations, sponsorship and partnership development, marketing communication, and crisis communication for their clients. Their client list is extensive with five main focus areas; Consumer Services & Products, Design & Real Estate, Fashion, Beauty & Retail, Hospitality, and Travel & Destination.  Zapwater communications publishes in The Chicago Business Journal, Corp! Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and many other media and publication outlets for their clients. Their client list includes Marriott hotels, Kimpton Restaurants, Fresh Thyme farmers market, and Hickory Street Capital and many more. The office is energetic and open environment, everyone is very hard working which fosters creativity, productivity, collaboration and enthusiasm. During my week here I was able to work on a couple different projects and speak with several members of the staff gaining valuable insight into the public relations industry.

Throughout my time at Zapwater, I was able to work on research for a new client, compile media lists for potential sources that might publish stories about a client, work on pitches, and meet with several employees to discuss the public relations industry. Specifically, I did research on a potential new client for tourism, a beautiful and historic island.  I was assigned to work on background research for the island to gain a better insight into how it might best be marketed to the new target market, North America. I did research on the island and current tourism in the area as well as a list of potential awards that the up and coming island might win that would provide good publicity for the island and thus encourage tourism. I later worked on a media list which involved compiling a list of potential writers and editors at varying news outlets that might publish a story. I was also given the opportunity to work on a pitch for menu changes for one of Zapwaters clients, Tre Rivali.  Pitching in this case involves creating a news story or press release for the client and presenting it to different media outlets in hopes that they will take you on and publish your story. One aspect of this company that is so interesting is how many different types of clients the Zapwater has, even in my short week I was able to work on a tropical destination island, a restaurant in Milwaukee, and a hotel in Chicago. The wide variety of clients and focus areas that Zapwater works with fosters creativity and keeps things interesting. I learned a lot from this experience and I am grateful to the many employees of Zapwater who took the time to meet with me as well as Gettysburg College for helping to connect me with this great company.