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Konrad Neptun ’17 @ OpenLink



When I first heard about the externship program offered at Gettysburg College, I was unsure yet eager to discover more about the program that I had heard so much about from upperclassmen. 
So, when I stopped into the career development office to learn more about all of the externship options, I was taken aback as to the plethora of opportunities that were available to all students.  After some further research, I decided that my top choice was to apply for the OpenLink externship and I was thrilled when I learned I was chosen later that semester.  Now that I am finished with the externship, I can honestly say that this was an incredible experience that benefitted me in more ways than one.  This experience allowed me to witness and even participate in meetings, conference calls, and a variety of other business situations.  One of the most interesting experiences of the week was meeting with employees of OpenLink from almost every branch of the company.  This was especially interesting because I heard each individual’s career path from when they graduated college and to where they are now.  This taught me that career paths are extremely variable and that it is essential to network.  One of the most interesting meetings was on the second day of the week when I met with the CEO of OpenLink, Mark Greene (see first picture above). 
This was especially interesting because Dr. Greene talked about a wide variety of topics including any vital career lessons or tips that he learned throughout his business career.  Other meetings that were interesting included any of the positions in the company that were being held by Gettysburg alums.  This was beneficial because these employees were in my position at one point in their lives and seeing where they are now was a reassuring feeling that Gettysburg will prepare you for the working world (see second picture below).  All in all, this experience proved to be extremely beneficial I am very glad that I decided to participate in this program.  I am sure that I will be able to use the skills I gained in this program both in a out of the classroom in my next three years at Gettysburg College.   

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