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Kelly Tinkham ’18 @ Boston University

Hello, my name is Kelly Tinkham and I just finished my first year at Gettysburg College.  This past week I had the privilege of externing at Boston University under the Associate Dean of Academic Life, Stacy Godnick.  Although, I have to say, before I arrived my expectations about the week were not that great.  I was looking forward to the week but I did not think that I would enjoy my experience to the extent that I did.  I enjoyed every second of my externship, and by the end of the week I was wishing it was longer.  As I have been reflecting on my week I have been trying to pinpoint exactly why I enjoyed my time there so much.  There were many different factors that contributed to my time but I believe two really made a difference; the people I met and the variety of my days.  I met so many people all over the University starting with Stacy.  Stacy was amazing; she had great pieces of advice and always made sure to explain to me what was going on in meetings or just her everyday work.  Plus, in addition to being a great resource herself, she also set up meetings with me in different offices that I was interested in.  I had a meeting with a representative in the Office of Student Affairs, Admissions, and the International Students and Scholars Office.  I learned a lot about how the environment of the University really affects everything that goes on inside the school, and about how Boston University manages collaborations between offices and colleges despite its large size.  I was able to ask a lot of questions and really find out what their days are like and the pros and cons of each office.  Another person I met was a Gettysburg alumni who graduated in 2011.  She currently works in the Provost Office for Undergraduate Education.  It was really interesting to hear how she ended up in her position and her experiences since leaving Gettysburg.  In addition to the people I had met with I also got to know the people who work in Stacy’s office area.  They were all very kind and welcoming and I enjoyed getting to know them.  The other factor that I believe really added to my experience was the variety of my days.  In addition to the meetings Stacy set up for me, I also spent time observing her in her office, shadowing her at various meetings, and getting to help during orientation.  The meetings were interesting because I was able to learn a lot about meeting etiquette, as well as how meetings change depending on who they are with. However I think my favorite part of the week was the orientation experience.  Getting to actually work with incoming students was fun, but to also see it all from the faculty’s point of view was really interesting.  I also learned that I really liked having a variety of different things going on during my schedule, not a rigid routine every day.  I believe knowing that about myself will really help me in future career explorations.  Another part of my experience that was fantastic was the time I had every night to explore Boston.  I got to visit some really fun places like Quincy Market and the Boston Public Library.  Overall my experience at Boston University made me realize that working in higher education would be something that I would enjoy having as a career.  It was truly an eye-opening week and I am so grateful for the Center for Career Development at Gettysburg College and Stacy Godnick for making this experience possible.

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