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Kate Gregg @ NBC Universal


NBC Studios TourFor the past five days I had the honor to shadow some of the most talented individuals in the digital media world at NBC Universal in New York City. The atmosphere on the twenty-ninth floor of 1221 Avenue of the Americas was relaxed and welcoming. Each office and cubicle was decorated with sports gear and paraphernalia that represented teams across the United States. Everyone was very friendly and willing to spend time with me and the other two externs. It was apparent that all the employees really enjoyed their job and had a passion for their work.

Each day was dedicated to a specific division within the digital sales sports group. The four main rotations I circulated through were ad operations, planning, sales, and marketing. I enjoyed this process because it allowed me to see which area I was most interested in. Before coming to New York, my main spark of interest was marketing but now I can also see myself working in sales.

Dinner with Nick JohnsonThe highlight of my week was Wednesday night when Nick took the three externs as well as the team who I was shadowing out to dinner at The Palm. I enjoyed the informal setting and getting to know these remarkable individuals on a more personal level. It was interesting and entertaining to listen to stories from Nick and the others about their college years and how they eventually ended up at NBC Universal. Each individual travelled a very different path that led him or her to working on the same floor. Another high point I experienced was going on a private tour of the NBC Studios in 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Although the department I was externing for is not directly involved with NBC’s television shows, it was educational to see where a large portion of the station’s attention and money go.

I truly enjoyed externing at NBC Universal this past week. There were so many interesting people that I met and valuable lessons that I learned. Although New York City was a bit intimidating, the office was much more relaxed and welcoming. I believe that I have a much better understanding of the business behind sales and marketing. This was a worthwhile opportunity and an amazing experience.

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