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Kara Robertson ’19 @ Philips Personal Health

robertson_philips_pictureIn today’s world people are constantly looking to technology to answer their questions, provide news, problem solve, and find products. Six billion searches are said to be conducted daily on Google alone, and ninety-one percent of all clicks go to the first results page that Google provides. So, how does a company ensure that their products are on that first results page and in the position necessary to generate traffic to the destination that they want?

This week I worked under the direction of Kelly Downey, VP of Digital and Shopper Solutions, at Phillips in Stamford, Connecticut. I learned about how companies bid on particular search words in order to ensure that their content is seen, and how significant placement is depending on factors such as whether the consumer is using a phone or computer to access the search. The week was extremely eye-opening as there are so many things that go on behind the scenes that consumers do not realize.

Throughout the week I was able to shadow various members of the digital marketing team in order to learn all different aspects of what they do. I attended various meetings that involved status updates and introductions to various areas of digital marketing. I also completed short online lessons in the areas of content, campaign, digital sales, search, digital analytics, and social media in order to increase my overall understanding of the field. I was able to use this information to research advertising for male grooming products and complete a short presentation at the end of the week comparing what Philips and their competitors were doing online. Externs were also asked to provide their perspective as a consumer on advertising strategies in their presentation.

On the Thursday, the digital marketing team spent the afternoon at a local kitchen learning how to cook a meal together. Everyone was randomly assigned a group that would cook a particular part of the meal. It was a great way to get to know everyone on the team, and afterwards it was easy to see how the team is able to work so well together. Watching everyone cook and have fun as a group was a great lesson in the importance of team building.

Overall, I really enjoyed my week spent at Philips. It was great exposure to the world of business and exposed me to a variety of jobs that I did not previously know were out there. I learned a great deal and it inspired further interest in me for the digital marketing industry.