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Eric Klimowicz ’19 – Nissan United, TBWA (NYC)

My time at Nissan United, was definitely an experience that I will remember. Everything from the team, the environment, to their accommodations, was truly exceptional. I ended up gaining more knowledge than I ever could have anticipated, while spending a week there. Mr. Castle, the president of Nissan United, was very welcoming, and made our stay very enjoyable. Throughout the week, the team prepared activities for us to complete, and let us get a true insight of the “behind the scenes” work of a global marketing and advertising agency.

During the first day, the team got us acquainted with the company, and impact they have on Nissan globally. As soon as we arrived, Mr. Castle was there to greet us, give us an overview of the company, and give us a tour of their office. The rest of the day consisted of meeting different people who had different roles in the company. We met the account director, Brett, who introduced us to the account executives. They than gave us an overview of the organization and answered all of the questions we had. After, we were met by Elliott, a very impactful member of Nissan United’s strategic marketing team.

Elliott had prepared an assignment for us to complete during our time at Nissan United. Our assignment was to come up with marketing strategy; to sell traditional alarm clocks to an audience who primarily use smart phones.. Although it seems as like a simple task, there were many aspects into devising a marketing strategy. Luckily, Elliott was there to guide us, and answer any questions that arose during the process. He was very accommodating, and did not hesitate to spare us his time to help us out.

Throughout the week, we were able to listen in on various meetings that took place. These meetings were really interesting to take part in. These meetings varied from creative aspects of advertising, to the supervisions aspect and making executive decisions regarding global accounts. Everyone was very personable, and really made us feel included during these meetings.

During our time here, one of the creative members of the team, David, included us in some of his personal work. David allowed us to work on some of the things he was working on, which gave us some real “hands on” experience. David gave me different photos to edit for social media accounts, while Callie revised captions for the posts. David was also very helpful during this process.

My most memorable moment of the week, was the presentation of the creative advertisements which were submitted to Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. During this presentation, we saw many iconic advertisements, which were work of the TBWA, for some of the most renown organizations in the world.  I had the privilege to work alongside people who had created many of the iconic advertisements I had previously seen on TV.