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Brian Gianforte ’18 @ Transportation Management Association for Chester County

The amount of knowledge and experience I gained during my externship with Transportation Management Association for Chester County is immeasurable. They taught me the ins and outs of their organization and also how they are very important to Chester County. The start of TMACC is based upon Federal Congestion Management and Air Quality (CMAQ) guidelines. TMACC also connects the public sector transportation organizations to the private sector of Chester County. They work closely with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. They provide transportation services for their members and also consulting services to companies to help meet their employee’s needs.

My host Shannon Jones is the best host I could have asked for. She taught me the ropes of what she does in only a week. She got me fully involved with TMACC and within an hour of me being at the office, she sent me to a board meeting with the Executive Director of TMACC, Timothy Phelps and Manager of Corporate and Community Relations, Jonathan Ewald. She also had me working everyday, which allowed me to learn lots of information about the organization and also about having a real job.

On Wednesday May 20th, was the Coatesville Jobs Fair. Shannon is on Western Chester County Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors and so she ran the jobs fair. She took me along and I helped set up and run the jobs fair. I helped spread the word about the Chester County bus lines that TMACC runs and operates. There is a huge demand for public transportation because people need to get to their jobs but cannot afford to buy a car. That is where TMACC comes in to help support the public by supplying a bus line to the employees but at the same time helping employers with their transportation needs.

Working at TMACC has made me realize the need to update infrastructure all over the country. The needs to update roads and bridges must be meet to keep comminuting running smoothly. Some infrastructure dates back to the 19th century that is still in use.

My externship with TMACC was an amazing experience and I’m glad I picked this externship. I would recommend anybody to do an externship because the experience you gain is amazing. TMACC was the best choice for an externship.

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