Supplementing Academics: Learning outside the classroom

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First off, Academics are VERY important and should take a great deal of your focus and time at Gettysburg. However, you may also want to explore opportunities outside the classroom, as those experiences can be extremely valuable in helping to shape you as a person and prepare you for your future.  Through those opportunities you can learn about your interests, abilities, and skills as they relate to the professional world. They can be influential in how you’d like to use your studies and how you want to make a difference in this world. Don’t wait!  Make the most of each year at Gettysburg.  You don’t have to be involved in a million activities – find your ideal balance and find something you really enjoy.  Explore, have fun, find out who you are, what you’re good at (or not), and what you like (or don’t).  There are ample opportunities on Gettysburg’s campus, so start exploring! Experiential […]

Navigating My Diverse Accounting Path – by Abigail Dalessio ‘08

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After an introductory accounting course my sophomore year at Gettysburg College, I knew accounting was a career I wanted. Soon after, I declared a double major in economics and management, the closest thing Gettysburg had to an accounting major and set my sights on a career in public accounting. I landed a spot in a “leadership conference” for a big four accounting firm the summer after my sophomore year and my performance there earned me a spot in their internship program the following summer. The internship experience was a valuable one and through it, I learned I had to continue my studies in order to not only be eligible for the CPA exam, but also to get the attention of other public accounting firms. What accounting firm wants an economics and management major? Turns out after a post-baccalaureate certificate in accounting, ParenteBeard was that firm. I worked for almost four years in ParenteBeard’s audit practice […]

Reinvigorating a job search that’s gone cold

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Hello?Is anybody out there?Does anyone know that I exist? Feels sort of cold and barren out there, doesn’t it? This is exactly the kind of feeling that many job seekers experience when waiting for something to happen in their search process. But this describes a more passive way of looking for jobs, and as alluded to, is also a fairly ineffective way of landing a job. Better to take a much more active approach, one that will yield faster and more positive results. Many job seekers get started by perusing multiple job search websites, creating their online profiles, and applying to those online opportunities they see. They may get a lot of applications out there at first, but there is rarely any way they can follow up on those applications. They start to feel like all their effort has gone down a black hole, and they lose momentum and eventually their job search activities slow […]

Making the most out or your Internship

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When I started working in a US senator’s office personal office in DC, it was my responsibility to supervise the summer college interns. This was not hard work. The interns’ responsibilities were generally to sort mail, collate articles about the Senator, answer constituent phone calls when the receptionists were out of the office and attend and summarize hearings. The second floor of the office was full of interns coming and going and I was often surprised that many were not as present as I would have expected. There certainly were a number of students who were so excited to be there that their energy became contagious, but just as many simply came in, did what was asked and put the experience on their resume or asked if the Senator would write them a letter of recommendation. I often wondered what an interview with that student would be like later in life – “so tell me […]

Completing Applications the Right Way

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Many of the Career Development and other campus offerings require an application. Here are some helpful tips. Start With a Plan – Develop a plan to complete your application at least 2 days prior to the deadline. This gives you time for unexpected issues. Do not procrastinate. Get started early and include in your plan ample time to draft and edit your responses to the questions.  Do you need to gather additional information/research to answer the questions?  Do you need to send in a resume or other additional information to complete the application? If so, factor these into your plan and timeline. Answer the Questions Fully and Thoughtfully – Are there multiple parts to the questions?  Make sure you answer each part.  It is all too common for students to answer the first part of the question completely but leave out the important ending!  Often you are asked to reflect on prior experience related to […]

How to Navigate a Job Fair

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By: Dr. Manuel Ruiz The Center for Career Development organizes a full-time job and internship fair each semester.  Our fall 2013 fair is scheduled for Thursday, October 3rd (11:30am to 1pm) in the CUB Ballroom.  If you plan on attending the fair proper planning and preparation are keys to having a positive experience. For your convenience I have put together some helpful tips of items to consider prior to attending the job fair, during the job fair, and after the job-fair. Before The Job Fair 1.    Research employers.  Look over the list and see who is recruiting.  Decide which employers interest you.  Then, visit their web sites.  Find out who they are, what they do, and why you might want to work there.  With this knowledge you’ll be able to talk intelligently with recruiters at the job fair and impress them.2.    Update and polish your resume. Create an effective resume using key accomplishment statements.  Stop […]

What is Gettysburg Works?

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Gettysburg Works is the College’s system of record for employer relations and job postings.  Over your four years at Gettysburg you’ll use Gettysburg Works in a number of ways.   You might be asked to submit a resume for an on-campus job at Gettysburg.  Resumes in Gettysburg Works require approval.  Once you get one resume approved you’ll be able to upload as many as you want without approval.  You’ll have the option to set up (and update) your profile information.  You should always keep you profile up to date so that we can let you know about events and opportunities that fit your career interests.  You’ll use Gettysburg Works to identify internships and post-grad job opportunities.  You might even use Gettysburg Works to submit a resume to a potential employer and set up an on-campus interview.   You’ll RSVP for career related events.  We often like to know how many students will attend a given event.  […]