Career Advice

Completing Applications the Right Way

Many of the Career Development and other campus offerings require an application. Here are some helpful tips.

Start With a Plan – Develop a plan to complete your application at least 2 days prior to the deadline. This gives you time for unexpected issues. Do not procrastinate. Get started early and include in your plan ample time to draft and edit your responses to the questions.  Do you need to gather additional information/research to answer the questions?  Do you need to send in a resume or other additional information to complete the application? If so, factor these into your plan and timeline.

Answer the Questions Fully and Thoughtfully – Are there multiple parts to the questions?  Make sure you answer each part.  It is all too common for students to answer the first part of the question completely but leave out the important ending!  Often you are asked to reflect on prior experience related to this opportunity. Be thoughtful in your responses.  This is an opportunity to promote yourself as the best candidate.  Give thorough/thoughtful answers to each part of the question.  Every other applicant probably will.

Proofread your Work – Check for spelling and grammatical errors. If it is an online application copy and paste it into a word document for some easy help but make sure to re-read to catch anything your word processor might have missed.  Edit accordingly.

Get Help – Share your draft responses with others. Ask them if you answered all of the questions posed? They will likely find any typos you have not.  Edit based on your review and the feedback you receive.

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