Kim Corcoran ’18 @ Turtle Rescue, NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine

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I had never given an injection to an organism, cared for an injury on anything other than a human, and I had no idea what went on behind the scenes of veterinary medicine. Before this experience with the North Carolina State University Veterinary School’s Turtle Team, I knew that I wanted work in a field that benefits marine wildlife and protects the marine environment. However, I have yet to fully identify what role to assume in doing so. One way I can accomplish this goal is through attending vet school and studying to work in marine life medicine, and I witnessed a glimpse of this path during this externship. I had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Lewbart, a professor of zoological medicine, and his students at Turtle Team. Within the past five days, I learned how to properly care and handle different species of turtles, give injections and calculate dosages, clean and bandage wounds, […]

Road Trip to the Real World: Publishing 101 with Brooke Engeldrum Vladyka ’10

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In late July, fourteen students and recent grads of the Class of 2016 spent a full day at Meredith Corporation in New York City with alum Brooke Engeldrum Vladyka ’10, Integrated Account Manager at EatingWell, and many of her colleagues discussing the many facets of the publishing industry. Students were able to interact with and learn from professionals working in editing, production, advertising, marketing and events, business development, PR, finance, digital sales & marketing, and human resources (with another alum Diana Cotumaccio ’10, HR Manager at IMG).  The visit also included lunch with a few young professionals learning the ins and outs of living/working in NYC and each person’s career path to Meredith.  It was a fantastic learning experience that provided valuable insight to our student participants. Many thanks to Brooke for offering and organizing this great experience!

Brooke Gutschick ’17 @ The Kinkaid School

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I traveled to Houston, Texas in mid-June to spend a week with Quenby Jackson Mott ’89. She is the Head Upper School Dean at Kinkaid School, a private school with about 1,400 students.  I attended a school similar to Kinkaid during my middle and high school years (Bullis School), and I hope to return there to teach one day. I specifically expressed interest in this externship because Kinkaid is a private school, and I wanted to learn what it is like to be an administrator at a private school. I learned just that, in addition to picking up a few pieces of life advice along the way. I spent a lot of time in the Dean’s Office during the week. I got the unique opportunity to sit in on phone calls and meetings to get a true sense of what it is like to be an administrator. I expected that there would be a lot of […]

Jonathan Leonard ’17 @ the New Jersey State Legislature

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Before this summer’s externship, I had somewhat broadened my legal perspective. I had shadowed a hometown tax attorney. I had attended a dinner with two Johnson and Johnson patent lawyers. I had even witnessed Reading, Pennsylvania court proceedings as I observed a Gettysburg Alumnus working as an assistant district attorney. This may seem like a notable list of experiences, but for me, it was all so recent. Less than a year ago, I was certain I would become a doctor, or at the very least, pursue a graduate degree in science (thus putting my biology major and chemistry minor to use in a more traditional career path). I felt very much behind in my legal knowledge, and after each legal opportunity, I wanted to learn more. I had less than a year left of college, and only one year under my belt of shadowing various legal professions. At Gettysburg, I had taken one politics course, […]

Savannah Labbe ’19 @ Young Adult Library Services Association

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This past week I have spent my time at Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA). YALSA is a non-profit association that helps support libraries in helping teens by providing them with the resources necessary to promote teen reading and learning. YALSA is a division of the American Library Association (ALA) and is located in the same building as the rest of ALA. Their office is located in Chicago so this externship provided me with an opportunity to visit Chicago for the first time. It was a really memorable experience, and while I was at first nervous about being in a city that is huge and unfamiliar, I quickly adapted. The subway system isn’t too confusing and google maps became my best friend. YALSA’s office building is located really close to Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, which is a huge stretch of stores and malls like I had never seen before. My first day at YALSA, I checked […]

Adam Brawdy ’18 @ Atlantic (USA) LLC

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My summer externship was with Atlantic (USA) LLC, a commodities broker located in the Financial District of New York City. As a branch of a global company known as Ecom Agroindustrial Corporation, Atlantic is primarily responsible for buying and selling coffee and cocoa from countries all around the world such as Brazil, Colombia, Uganda, Vietnam, and many others on behalf of their clients. Not only is Atlantic responsible for solely purchasing and selling coffee and cocoa, the company is also responsible for working with transportation companies, insurance companies, cupping (sampling) the coffee, and storing the products if they are not directly shipped to one of Atlantic’s many clients such as Maxwell, Folgers, Tim Hortons, or Starbucks while simultaneously obeying the myriad of regulations placed on this industry. In other words, Atlantic is heavily involved in most aspects of the coffee and cocoa industry. My shadowing experience with Atlantic (USA) LLC was truly remarkable. I learned […]

Nicholas Corbi ’18 @ Dental Practice of Dr. Joe Rava

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When I first came into contact with the Rava family, I met Jon as we came in for our freshman football season at Gettysburg. His older brother Joe was a senior on the football team. Throughout that first season I was able to meet the rest of the family, including Dr. Rava. When I found out from Jon that his father was a dentist, I always found myself asking Jon questions about his fathers experience and life as a dentist because as a health science major at Gettysburg, dentistry is one of the main fields that I have been working toward since my high school days. As my friendship with Jon grew, I figured it was time to try and receive the opportunity to learn under Dr. Rava himself and find out what is required to become a successful dentist. Therefore, through great aid from Career Development and my career mentor, Rebecca Barth, along with […]

John Paul Aponte ’16 @ Montgomery County Circuit Court

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Working at Montgomery County Circuit Court with Judge Boynton has been a very interesting experience, as I have learned a great deal about circuit courts and the role that judges and law clerks play in these courts. Being able to help the Judge and his clerk with an upcoming high-profile case was very interesting and I was happy to be of help to the both of them. While I was only here for four days, I still was able to learn a lot about not only the courts, but all the different jobs people have that are needed for the courts to run properly. I thought it was interesting that there are such specific jobs needed for the trials to function smoothly. While the cases that come in are, for the most part, quite sad, the issues at hand in these cases need to be dealt with. As the Judge was working in the family […]

David Baer ’18 @ National Penn Insurance

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Over my two-day externship experience, I was privileged enough to gain a whole new perspective on the benefits consulting department in health care. I have no idea what I want to pursue towards later on in my career, but having an opportunity like this one to shadow knowledgeable and helpful individuals in a particular field greatly helped give me a better understanding of the work place which I could find myself in one day. I had the pleasure of shadowing Pete Kareha, a Gettysburg College alum and once a Gettysburg College Men’s Soccer captain, along with other successful individuals whom all worked for National Penn Insurance. Pete Kareha is an extremely successful individual who has been working at National Penn Insurance for a few years. He recently worked in Philadelphia as well as taught in China for nine months. I started off my externship experience with grabbing coffee with him at a nearby coffee shop. […]