Annette Aguilera-Gonzalez ’18 – Cornerstone Advisors Asset Management, LLC (PA)

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A Week at Cornerstone I am so appreciative of this week with Cornerstone. Before this externship, I was unsure of whether or not the finance and investment industry was for me. Now, I feel convinced that I do want to start my professional career in the finance and investment industry. I attribute my apprehension about the finance industry to not having much exposure to it. Yes, I have learned a great deal about finance and the business industry in my classes but nothing as tangible as speaking with professionals in this field, so having that opportunity this past week has opened my eyes to opportunities I did not know even existed.   One of the greatest insights was learning that there are many different subsets of the finance and investment industry. I used to think all firms worked as stock pickers because that was what I learned about in my classes. I learned that although […]