My Experience at KIND- Emma Haskell ’19

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Day 1    My first day at Kind. In my attempts to look like a real New Yorker as I rode the subway with my coffee in hand, I tried hard not to look at the directions I had been given. I arrived early to be greeted by my mentor, Victoria, with a kind and warming smile. The day started off with a tour in which we saw all the departments of the KIND company. I loved how all the departments from legal work to flavor development were under the same roof which only augmented the strong sense of community amidst all the employees. My first meeting with my mentor showed me that is totally normal that at my current age and year at Gettysburg I do not need to to know exactly where my life is going to take me right at this second. Talking to Victoria showed me that through her years at Gettysburg […]

Casey Eck ’18 @ Richmond Children’s Hospital at VCU

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I completed my externship at the Richmond Children’s Hospital at VCU with Doctor David Marcello. He is a Pediatric Hospitalist who just recently returned to VCU where he had completed his residency. After only two days of shadowing Doctor Marcello, I learned that he is an incredible hospitalist, a knowledgeable pediatric doctor, and a respected teacher. In two days I watched him work to save lives, put countless smiles on children’s faces, and even win an award for being the best teacher in his department. I quickly realized it was an honor to be shadowing him. I went in to my externship knowing that I want a career in medicine and that I have a special interest in pediatrics. I was so excited to see what the Children’s Hospital at VCU and Doctor Marcello had to offer. Throughout my two busy days in the hospital I had a tour of the pediatric floor, I observed […]

Grace Timko @ Rippowam Cisqua School

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This summer I participated in an externship at Rippowam Cisqua School in Bedford, New York. I was placed in Ms. Polos’ sixth grade Humanities and Language Arts class of fifteen students. My personal goal of the externship was to have a different educational experience and to learn something new about the different paths I could take after graduating Gettysburg College. This specific class was unique to my education experience as I had never taken or observed a Humanities class before, just a traditional English class. In the short week I was at Rippowam Cisqua, Ms. Polos had graded the students’ research papers on Ancient Rome and returned them for revision, given them a map test on Ancient Rome, started a packet on adverbs, and started—and finished—the play, Twelve Angry Men. I was very interested in this class because it covered many different topics across disciplines; the students were learning and writing about Ancient Rome, while […]

Allison Stickney ’18 – Graybill Medical Group

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A Week in the Life of the Magic Doc from the Department of Funology Why did the cookie go to the doctor? He was feeling crummy. So you might be greeted by Dr. Pearson, a family physician at Graybill Medical Group in Carlsbad, California. With scrub pockets full of cards and coins for magic tricks, he brings fun to every patient visit. Sometimes people can get caught up in the science of becoming a doctor: it’s about human anatomy, the biochemical reactions, the patient’s stats: the part of the machine that’s not working properly. Dr. Pearson, however, sees each patient as an individual, not as a series of imbalanced lab results. He treats his patients like family, spending time at the beginning of each visit inquiring about what’s been going on recently in their lives before diving into the medicine.   Many people dread going to the doctor. They may associate it with sickness or […]