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FBI Headquarters Immersion Trip

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In January 2015, a group of 15 Gettysburg students and staff participated in a site visit/tour at the FBI Headquarters & Education Center in Washington, DC, organized through the Center for Career Development with a Gettysburg alumna. The FBI Tour Route was closed after 9/11, refurbished, and is now open to FBI employees and their guests. Our group was able to view exhibits on FBI history, FBI in popular media, Wanted posters, FBI methods and tools, and famous FBI cases. We were also able to view a large exhibit on 9/11, including the terrorist’s car and pieces of the Pentagon and World Trade Center; as well as collar bomb; Unabomber; Oklahoma City; and Robert Hanssen, among other espionage cases.  We even had the unexpected additions of getting to see a live weapons demonstration, a visit at the FBI store – the only place you can legally buy FBI seal items – and a brief encounter […]