Extern Elizabeth Broske ’17 @ Hanover Hospital Medical Fitness Center

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During the week of July 7-11, I was with Jody Moyer and the other staff members at the Hanover Hospital Medical Fitness Center (MFC) in Hanover, PA. The Medical Fitness Center is a place that is designed to promote health and fitness to individuals with medical conditions and to some who are seeking general conditioning.  The staff makes individualized programs for every person. In the MFC you see different diagnosis such as arthritis, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and more. The average age of the patient is around 69. Jody Moyer is an Exercise Physiologist and an Athletic Trainer. I experienced many new things this week. One of the things that I spent a lot of time with were the aquatic exercise programs and classes. There are many different kinds of programs. There are cardio, strengthening, yoga, relaxation, and arthritis classes. These classes utilized different items such as pool noodles, kick boards, underwater dumbbells, and more. Usually […]