Externs Rebecca Utzinger ’15 & Julie Schuldt ‘17 @ AT&T

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Learn about Rebecca Utzinger’s week on her own blog and read about Julie’s experience below! The Ins & Outs of AT&T, Extern edition – Julie Schuldt My externship experience at AT&T was phenomenal. Alum Jack Duffy, Vice President of Customer Service, prepared a fantastic week for us filled with AT&T education, meetings with executives, and exposure to corporate life. On our tour of the GNOC, Global Network Operations Center (AKA the Disneyland for data managers), we got a sneak peak into the “ins” of AT&T data control through 140+ television monitors. I learned how large of a corporation AT&T is. Besides wireless, AT&T encompasses wire line and data processing services for companies ranging from a business like Pizza House to IBM. As a technological company, AT&T has successfully expanded from its original invention of the telephone to a major player in the technological field today. We had back to back to back meetings with executives […]

Extern Ryan Selfridge ’16 @ Comegno Law Group

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My week with the Comegno Law Group has been an incredible experience from start to finish, and I am so grateful that I have been afforded this opportunity. There were so many different things for me to attend and learn about over the course of the five days I was here, and I count myself extremely lucky for that. The town that the office is located in is around forty minutes from where I live and I was familiar with the area, so the commute was not an issue for me. The different experiences that I was able to observe were numerous, and I was more than happy to attend anything that I was able to. From labor negotiations between school boards and the teachers’ union to an emergent relief hearing regarding a school prom, every day I saw something new and interesting. Heading into my externship I was pretty certain about my desire to […]

Navigating My Diverse Accounting Path – by Abigail Dalessio ‘08

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After an introductory accounting course my sophomore year at Gettysburg College, I knew accounting was a career I wanted. Soon after, I declared a double major in economics and management, the closest thing Gettysburg had to an accounting major and set my sights on a career in public accounting. I landed a spot in a “leadership conference” for a big four accounting firm the summer after my sophomore year and my performance there earned me a spot in their internship program the following summer. The internship experience was a valuable one and through it, I learned I had to continue my studies in order to not only be eligible for the CPA exam, but also to get the attention of other public accounting firms. What accounting firm wants an economics and management major? Turns out after a post-baccalaureate certificate in accounting, ParenteBeard was that firm. I worked for almost four years in ParenteBeard’s audit practice […]