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Transitioning a High School Resume to a Professional Resume

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If you are an incoming first year student at Gettysburg you probably have some experience with a resume.  You’ll be working on your resume over the next four years, and if you want to work on campus, you might need to submit a resume through Gettysburg Works.  There are might be some considerable differences between the resume you used for college applications and the professional resume you’ll be using on campus and after college.  Here are a few tips to help you transition: No hours needed – You don’t need to list how many hours a week/year you participated in an activity.  You do need to provide real dates (not semesters, quarters, trimesters, etc.) No “selfies” – If you’ve got your picture on your resume you can take it off.  That’s not the best use of space and doesn’t matter to your future employer.   Keep it to one page – You did plenty of incredible […]

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What is Gettysburg Works?

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Gettysburg Works is the College’s system of record for employer relations and job postings.  Over your four years at Gettysburg you’ll use Gettysburg Works in a number of ways.   You might be asked to submit a resume for an on-campus job at Gettysburg.  Resumes in Gettysburg Works require approval.  Once you get one resume approved you’ll be able to upload as many as you want without approval.  You’ll have the option to set up (and update) your profile information.  You should always keep you profile up to date so that we can let you know about events and opportunities that fit your career interests.  You’ll use Gettysburg Works to identify internships and post-grad job opportunities.  You might even use Gettysburg Works to submit a resume to a potential employer and set up an on-campus interview.   You’ll RSVP for career related events.  We often like to know how many students will attend a given event.  […]