Eric Klimowicz ’19 – Nissan United, TBWA (NYC)

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My time at Nissan United, was definitely an experience that I will remember. Everything from the team, the environment, to their accommodations, was truly exceptional. I ended up gaining more knowledge than I ever could have anticipated, while spending a week there. Mr. Castle, the president of Nissan United, was very welcoming, and made our stay very enjoyable. Throughout the week, the team prepared activities for us to complete, and let us get a true insight of the “behind the scenes” work of a global marketing and advertising agency. During the first day, the team got us acquainted with the company, and impact they have on Nissan globally. As soon as we arrived, Mr. Castle was there to greet us, give us an overview of the company, and give us a tour of their office. The rest of the day consisted of meeting different people who had different roles in the company. We met the […]

Nick Arbaugh ’20 – Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas (PA)

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My externship with Judge David Ashworth, a judge on the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas, was an exceptionally eye-opening and informative experience. Having no prior background or training in law, I could not have asked for a better way to be introduced to the workings of the everyday American judiciary system. While major Supreme Court cases are often the only ones reported by major media news outlets, the majority of United States court cases occur in smaller courts such as the one in Lancaster County. These cases, while seemingly insignificant, can have monumental effects on the lives of everyday Americans. From the get go, my externship opened to me a facet of life that I had for too long turned a blind eye too. My first day at Lancaster County Court quickly introduced me to the “real world” as I sat in on the beginning of a criminal homicide trial that grew more contentious […]

Liza Goss ’18 – Zapwater Communications (IL)

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Zapwater Communications is a public relations agency located in Chicago and Los Angeles. The president and founder of Zapwater Communications, David Zapata, is a Gettysburg College alumnus. Zapwater’s services include media relations, digital and social content, event management, influencer relations, sponsorship and partnership development, marketing communication, and crisis communication for their clients. Their client list is extensive with five main focus areas; Consumer Services & Products, Design & Real Estate, Fashion, Beauty & Retail, Hospitality, and Travel & Destination.  Zapwater communications publishes in The Chicago Business Journal, Corp! Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and many other media and publication outlets for their clients. Their client list includes Marriott hotels, Kimpton Restaurants, Fresh Thyme farmers market, and Hickory Street Capital and many more. The office is energetic and open environment, everyone is very hard working which fosters creativity, productivity, collaboration and enthusiasm. During my week here I was able to work on a couple different projects […]

Kyle Woodley ’19 – Turtle Rescue Team @ NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine

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The Turtle Rescue Team is run by North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine veterinary students and volunteers are welcome. The goal of this rescue is to take in injured or sick turtles, treat them, and if possible, release them back into the wild near where they were found. The majority of the turtles there were Eastern box turtles with broken shells. There were also yellow-bellied sliders, snapping turtles, and river cooters. There is an in-house incubator for any eggs that are brought in, laid by a turtle, or extracted from a dead one. Going into to this rescue I knew little about how to tell the difference between species, how to handle them, and the kinds of treatments they get. Luckily for me, the people at the Turtle Rescue Team are amazing. Everyone is helpful and willing to answer any question I could come up with. They truly wanted to help me understand how […]

Abby Lane ’19 – UVM Medical Center (VT)

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This past week I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to shadow Dr. Marc Greenblatt, an oncologist at UVM Medical Center in Burlington, Vermont. Throughout the entire experience of shadowing in a clinical setting, shadowing the nurse’s station and a PA, I was able to learn about all the different professions in the medical world. Also, through many in depth conversations with Dr. Greenblatt, I was able to delve deeper into the medical world in both a political and economic mindset while also learning about how academic research can play a role in a medical career. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is an academic day. We attended a case review where other doctors review cases. I was able to see CT scans and MRIs. This was my first introduction to the diagnostics of cancer. Later in the day, Dr. Greenblatt and I talked about his research and all the biological and molecular components of […]

Mike Karchner ’19 – NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine (NC)

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NCSU CVM Turtle Team Externship My week-long externship spent with the Turtle Rescue Team has definitely made my list of memorable moments. Since I was coming into this experience with no knowledge of or experience with turtles and even exotics for that matter, I already expected to learn a lot during my time there. However, I didn’t expect to be so fascinated by these small, humble creatures. When I arrived on site for my first day, I was put to work right away cleaning habitats and soaking turtles. As I made acquaintances with each of our patients for that week, the vet students taught me how to identify various species of turtle, how to determine their sex, and how to handle them. Eastern Box turtles, which only weigh less than a pound, are much stronger than you would think which I learned that hard way trying to pry open many shells to administer eye drops […]

Julia Ruff ’20 – Baylor College of Medicine, Hugo Bellen’s Lab (TX)

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My week at the Baylor College of Medicine was very exciting and worthwhile. Going into the week I had questions such as what steps did my host, Doctor Megan Campbell, take to achieve this position, what does working in a lab actually look like, and is this a position I want to work towards. So with these questions in mind, and some nerves, I started my journey from Boston to Houston. As soon as I landed, Megan greeted me with a welcoming smile and took me under her wing for the week. Megan is working in Hugo Bellen Lab in the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, that works specifically with fruit flies, or Drosophila . I was able to not only able shadow Megan and learn all about her pathway to Houston, but she made it possible for me to get hands on experience in the lab which I am extremely grateful for. […]

Amanda Benfante ’20 – Penn State Hershey Medical Group Elizabethtown (PA)

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5 Reasons Why I Want to be a Pediatrician This May, I was given the opportunity to shadow Dr. Denise Telford-Wren, a pediatrician at Penn State Hershey Medical Center in Elizabethtown, PA. I spent a week following her around at her office, meeting her patients, and getting to ask as many questions as I wanted about the medical field. In addition, I met multiple medical students and pediatric residents and was able to talk to them and gain a better understanding of what they do. Throughout this week, I learned how difficult and long the path to becoming a pediatrician is. However, I also learned why it is worth it in the end. 1. Science Outside of a Lab Throughout my life, I have always had an interest in science, but I could never picture myself spending my life working in a lab. As a pediatrician, I would get the opportunity to spend years studying […]

Exploring the Food Industry in Baltimore & the Chesapeake Bay

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In connection with the Gettysburg College “Year of Food,” members of the Center for Career Development staff developed a novel, multilayered immersion trip and planned various experiences for students during the latter part of the Spring 2017 semester. To kick it off, on April 25th, alumna Maribeth Black, ’07, who works for the World Food Bank in Rome, shared her career experiences with students. She attended classes and facilitated an open session. Next, on April 28th, we invited students to join staff members at an information session/Meet & Greet at the Mid-Atlantic Farm Credit in Westminster, MD, to learn about the financial operations and job/internship opportunities. The last component of the experience, which took place May 16-18, was an immersion trip to the Chesapeake Bay & Baltimore, MD for a group of 7students.  On the first day, the group traveled to Tilghman Island to explore the Phillips Wharf Environmental Center and cruise on a skipjack […]

Chris Massos ’18 – Youth Identity Development @ Your Self Series (NY)

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During my externship, I worked with Paula Prentis, co-creator of Your Self Series. This program helps teenagers and middle school children with their social and emotional identity. The program is taught by teachers who utilize the program’s three essential components: a three-book curriculum, an interactive website and student driven discussions about the topics on hand. Mrs. Prentis is well versed in the many problems that teenagers face during their developmental years. She presents to professionals who are interested in how the program works and in how effective the program is with adolescents. During my time working with Mrs. Prentis, I have learned a lot and would recommend the experience for those that wish to work with schools interested in adopting a new curriculum. Specifically, the curriculum would be specialized for adolescents that are dealing with anxiety, heavy work load or other overwhelming issues. If the school doesn’t wish to use the curriculum, there is a […]